Change How You View Food/Eating

How we view food is very much related to our eating patterns. Think of how much of our comments and thoughts regarding food are involved in a good-bad and all-or-nothing mentality. Think of how we throw around the word “diet.” When we indulge or make poor food choices we are “bad,” we have “sinned,” and we need to “go on a diet.”

Our value, moral or otherwise, does not lie in how much we have or have not eaten, being on a diet is not a path to redemption or cleansing, and once we have “sinned” we do not need to keep “sinning” because we have already ruined our healthy eating.

We should view healthy eating as a long-term thing and not as a temporary diet. In fact, get rid of the word diet in your conversations with yourself and others and replace it instead with “healthy eating” or if you must keep the word “diet” in your vocabulary, place an adjective in front of it such as “healthy diet” to emphasise that you are eating healthily as opposed to a short-term eating pattern designed to make you lose weight.

Once you make it clear to yourself and to others that you are in this for the long haul, the way in which you interact with food will change which will result in positive effects.