I Love Food Too Much To Change

I often hear clients tell me that they love food too much and that they can’t possibly give up their daily morning croissant and swap it for porridge or scrambled eggs


Do you really love food?  Do you cook every day, with fresh ingredients and from scratch.  Do you eat seasonally?  Do you relish every mouthful and find a complimentary balance for your starter, main and dessert? Or do you eat the same bad foods over and over and say you love food, when really you just eat the same crap all the time because you’re scared you cant’ commit to change?

Eating the same refined sugars every day is not a love of food it’s food addiction.

Refined sugars get attached to the same receptor sites as heroin and opium.

If you really, really love food, then my advice is to accept that you love food and being content in carrying a little extra weight.  But if you are just suffering from food addiction and a lack of confidence in changing what you eat, then it’s time to make some changes to your diet in order to hit your goals.


When you are ready to make some changes to the refined sugars that you love, try swapping 1 meal at a time and if you are really struggling, try swapping it on anywhere between 1-5 days a week.   So if you love your morning croissant and coffee, swap it one time for a healthier option in the week and see how you adapt.  Then try 2 days the next week and so on until you have swapped the bad food for good.