Realise that Losing Weight Sometimes Means Being Hungry

The reality is that our diets are inundated with too many calories that cannot be used and that do not nourish our bodies. Going from a place of caloric abundance (both calories that nourish our bodies and calories that do not), to a place of a caloric deficit (for weight loss) and a place of caloric limitations (for weight maintenance) does mean that sometimes you might still be hungry. Arguably, one could repeatedly answer the hunger between planned foods with healthy food (fruits and vegetables, landing more on the vegetable side) but sometimes even when doing this, one could still be hungry or have repeat occurrences of hunger.

This can be challenging and something of a struggle, especially when trying to lose weight and especially when coming from a place where one is used to being full and satisfied all the time but sometimes it ends up being part of the process and eventually one comes to recognize what is normal and true hunger, as opposed to what hunger is related to always wanting to be full.