The Habit Loop

All our habits are driven by the same simple loop. This habit loop has three elements:

The trigger is the cue that starts your habit. For example, hunger is a trigger to eat (eating is the habit).

The reward is that you feel full and have energy to continue with your day.

All habits work like this and this knowledge is going to be powerful for you going forward.

The problem with so many of our habits, is that they function on auto pilot.  So we don’t recognise that our behaviour leads to a very negative long term effect, which is not in fact a reward at all. It is just an immediate perceived reward. 

40% of Human Decision Making Is Done on AUTOPILOT

So our habit loop often looks like….Tigger…….Behaviour………Result.  

I really want you to focus on this and think about it all the time, especially when it comes to food and drinks. The way to combat poor auto pilot food choices is to create this trigger question every time you eat:

“Does this meal bring me closer to my goals?”

Start doing this with every meal and see if you start to make better choices.

So What if I Answer Yes?

This is great!!  I’m assuming two things here:  Firstly, that you are being honest with yourself and secondly, that you know what food actually helps you towards your goals.  If you overcome these two absolute necessities and you answer yes to a meal, it is time to say the word ‘REWARD’.  Either say it in your head or out loud, but say it and start to build some momentum with every meal.

What If I Answer No?

This is an opportunity to learn.  How many times do you eat meals that don’t fit with your goals?  Learn about when you eat these meals and cut one out each week until you say yes more often than not.  The key is here to have a good idea about when you eat poorly and to plan food for these times that actually help your goals.

What If I’m Not Sure?

This is common.  I see many clients who want to lose weight.  Eating healthy foods does not always equate to losing weight.  A great example is fruit.  Is it healthy?  Absolutely.  Will it help you lose weight?  No.  If you need more help in understanding healthy choices versus healthy weight loss choices, then you might like to read about the Habitpal Mantras. Following these will help you lose weight and feel great.